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About IPSA

Neeraj Singh
Secretary, IPSAís Committee
IPSA has the charter of becoming the association of choice for our industry and for this, it invites all the members and support to share their ideas and needs of the industry with us so that we can organise the response of the association, in accordance with the actual needs of our members. We will work not only with our members and suppliers, but also educate our clients on the importance of our work, raising the standards from that of being a mosquito-killer to that of a higly sophisticated and technically-educated industry that takes care of the whole environment while managing the pest issues of our clients. We will work with the Government agencies to create excellent working relationships in order to benefit the industry, user and the Government in their respective perspectives, creating a win-win situation for everyone, based on integrity. There is plenty to do and so little time, but a lot is possible when we sit across the table, with our heart aligned to win-over any issue.
Arun Thakur
President IPSA